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About Us

A little more about us and what we have to offer.

Pomp and Ceremony was set up to offer exclusive event planning and management services to clients in Cheshire and Manchester. With over 2 decades of combined experience in events management our key team members are highly knowledgeable in the art of creating sophisticated events for small and large gatherings. We started out as many event management companies do by offering a range of party planning services for birthdays and other important life events. After successfully undertaking larger and larger events we decided to broaden our reach into wedding planning and corporate events. Thankful we were successfully and can now offer a large range of event planning services at the same high quality we did with our parties.

We like to be challenged

Although planning an easy event is good for the bank balance, what we really like is to be challenged, we love it when our clients push us to create events that are not only well organised but also innovative and unusual (in a good way). Being given theme allows us to really focus our efforts onto something and give people an event to remember. 

We are control freaks

With an event organised by Pomp and Ceremony everything will be taken care of by us (if you allows to), this is how we like it. Once we know dates, numbers, budgets and all the other boring stuff we can get to work organising things from top to bottom; venues, invitations, catering, decor, entertainment, music. We can even take care of the after parties and resulting next day clean up.

No theme?

But if you don't have a theme, don't want a theme or cannot think of anything then Pomp and Ceremony can still offer our exclusive event planning services to you. We can keep things simple, and just create an event that does the simple things very well. Or if you would like a themed event but cannot think of what do do, allow us to come up with some ideas, we are always looking around for inspiration and have some great ideas to create bespoke themed parties and events to our clients.


Lets not forget wedding planning, we love weddings and having had extensive personal and professional experience in this sector we can offer our huge knowledge to help make your special day even more special.

Just like with our themed events we can offer themed weddings or classic styles. And our affinity for organisation can extend to all areas of your wedding. We can cover the basics, venues, catering, invitations, decor, etc but should you require it was can also help with photographers, videographers, bride and bridesmaid dresses, groom and groomsmen suits, jewellery, wedding cars and a whole host of other products and services that you may need to help complete your wedding.

Why us?

What can we offer that others cannot?


We see each event we undertake an an advertisement for the next event, that isn't to say we are disinterested in the current event we are doing, we just have an extra reason to make the event we are currently management as great as possible.


All the stuff we do neat.

Find us on the main social networks. We showcase our recent projects and advertise special offers over here.

We help you grow your business.

If we are arranging a corporate event for you then you can be assured it will be a memorable affair that will have any potential new clients remembering it (and you) for a long time to come. Who is going to win that big contract from a client, the company who throws a simple sit down dinner in a corporate suite or the company that turned the room into a fully working circus with a banquet and finished with fireworks?



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