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About Us

A little more about us and what we have to offer.

Quite simply we offer chrome vehicle wrapping services (predominantly for cars) to the general public in the UK. We have a team of highly skilled vehicle wrapping technicians who have several years of experience with chrome wrapping cars and a combined 15 years experience in the “standard” vehicle wrapping trade.

What is so special about chrome vehicle wrapping?

Well it requires a lot more effort to wrap a car in chrome vehicle wrap film compared to standard vehicle wrapping vinyls. Due to the specialist nature of the chrome wrap vinyl it needs to be installed much slower and with significantly more care (mainly due to its expense) than standard vehicle wrap vinyls. Chrome vehicle wrap vinyls have minimal stretch and can discolour very easily if not applied correctly. Through years of experience and testing our technicians have mastered the chrome vehicle wrapping techniques to the point that we can offer chrome car wraps to a very high standard that we are proud of.

How much is a chrome car wrap?

There is a reason that on the rare occasion you may see a chrome wrapped car on the UK roads, it will be a high-end car or supercar. That is because the correct chrome vehicle wrap vinyl is incredibly expensive in comparison to our range of standard vehicle wrapping vinyls. The silver chrome vehicle wrap vinyls costs at least 4 times more than our matte black vinyl. This means that a car we would offer to wrap for £1500 in matte black (or another standard vehicle wrap colour) would cost £4000 or more to wrap in the chrome wrapping film. 

Chrome car wraps are expensive however there is no better way to make a big impression and draw attention to your car.

Quality of material

Through testing out every chrome wrapping vinyl available we have built up a list of the best materials that we know work, these are the only chrome vehicle wrap vinyls we use. We do not work with cheap Chinese chrome wrap films, at Chrome My Car we only use chrome wrap vinyls from 3 internationally known brand, Avery, Hexis and Arlon. Over the years we have tested all these chrome vinyls to their limits and worked out exactly how to install them to the highest standards. But we are still working on improving our product range, so regularly test out chrome wrapping vinyls that are new to the market to see if they can stand up to our scrutiny.

Why us?

What can we offer that others cannot?


We are one of just a few companies in the UK that can offer chrome vehicle wraps installed to such a high standard that they are on par with standard (non-chrome) car wraps. Many vehicle wrapping companies will offer chrome vehicle wraps, but only a few have ever carried out an install. And even fewer have succeeded in creating a long lasting professional chrome vehicle wrap.

We help you grow your business.

Chrome vehicle wraps are the most eye catching version of vehicle wrap available, for advertising purposes there isn’t really any better way to grab peoples attention. Although this form of advertising can work for any company, it works best for businesses that are in the automotive trade. For companies in the motor trade a chrome wrap will draw people into your premises, car dealerships especially can benefit from our chrome car wraps. 

We have wrapped several cars for car dealerships, they have been vey popular and drawn noticeable attention to the dealerships and their vehicles. And as an additional bonus the dealers sold the cars with the chrome wraps on, making the cost of their investment back, so in effect they got an amazing piece of advertising for free.



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