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About Us

A little more about us and what we have to offer.

Manchester Tints was initially part of a vehicle wrapping company, we offered car tints as a bonus to customers who were getting their cars wrapped. But with our increasingly skilled staff and growing knowledge of the window tint films coming to market we decided to expand things into a fully fledged company offering window tints on a stand alone platform.

Since we started we have increased our products range to go beyond just automotive window tinting, to include other forms of window tints including residential window tints and commercial window tints. It was a natural progression as the window film materials used are very similar and the installation techniques used are almost identical fro car window tints as they are for building window tints.

Our automotive window tinting services are offered on both a mobile and static basis, we have 3 locations in the Manchester and Cheshire areas where we offer installation of our car window tints. And our mobile service covers all of Manchester and most of Cheshire. Our installation centres offer full coverage of the vehicle to ensure the car window tint film is installed free from dust and other contaminants. Our mobile car window tinting services are offered only if the customer has a covered area that the work can be carried out inside. Any dust, dirt, rain or wind can cause issues with the installation and contaminate the window tint film.

Car window tinting offers great benefits in addition to just making the car look more stylish. The window tint films we use at Manchester Tints are 2 ply and offer 99% reduction in UV rays, so help to eliminate UV fade on the cars interior as well as help protect the occupants from harmful UV rays, this is especially good protection for children. The window tint films also stick strongly to the glass, so act as a safety film, helping to hold the glass together and help it perform against knocks from potential thieves.

Our window tint films also have great insulation properties, they help protect against heat transference, for example during the winter months the tinted windows will limit the amount of heat lost from the interior of the car and also limit the amount of cold that can come into the car through the glass.

In the summer months the insulation properties of the window tint films work to benefit in the other way. They limit the amount heat getting into the car through the glass and help to keep the cooler air inside the car, so you need less air conditioning.

As mentioned earlier the automotive window tint film and the building window tint films are very similar, so much so that they offer the same insulation properties. So having window tints installed in your home or office will help to keep heat inside the building during the winter and keep heat out of the building during the summer months. For homes and office the savings on heating and air conditioning costs can be huge, so our window tints could in effect pay for themselves.

Our residential window tinting services can be utilised all over the home. They can benefit in so many ways. Not only can they help with insulating the windows, they are great for adding privacy to certain windows without greatly reducing the visibility out of the windows.

The 99% UV reduction rate can also be great for stopping UV fade on your furniture and decor. Protecting your carpets and sofas can extend their life by years and save you thousands.

Here are a few of the window and glazed areas Manchester Tints can install window films to improve privacy, insulation, glare and comfort in your home:

  • Conservatories
  • Patio doors
  • French doors
  • Skylights
  • Orangeries
  • Bi-fold doors

The office is a great place to consider having Manchester Tints install window films. We offer a variety of window tint films for our commercial clients, the majority of our work is carried out using solar window films. The solar window films offer a huge array of features that make them great for use in offices and other commercial buildings.

Solar protection

The primary reason we get called into offices to install our window tints is to help reduce bright sunlight, especially glare. Bright sunlight can make it difficult to work efficiently in the office and glare can become so bad that is causes eye strain for staff using computers. Allowing Manchester Tints to install a solar window film to the office windows help to stop glare greatly and make working in the office much more efficient, comfortable and can reduce sickness rates.


The solar window tint films work like our other window tint films, they offer a great added layer of insulation to the glass once installed. So during the colder months the tint film will help to keep heat inside the office and also help keep the cold from the outdoors outside. And again in the warmer months the same window tint will help to keep the outdoor heat outside the office and keep the cool air escaping through the glass.

UV protection

Although protection from UV rays doesn't seem like a major issue in the office (unless you're in sunny California), it can be terrible for the office decor, furniture and office equipment. UV rays can prematurely fade the carpets, walls and furniture in your office and also fade your computers, phones, etc. Although this UV fade isn't likely to stop your decor or equipment being useful but it can make your office look old and worn out prematurely.


The solar window films we offer at Manchester Tints are available in a section of colours including silver, bronze and blue. As standard the solar window films we use have a reflective mirror like finish when viewed from outside, this makes them great for adding privacy to certain windows around commercial buildings and offices. They can also be used to add privacy to board rooms and office partitions without seeming to block the window/partition out.

Why us?

What can we offer that other cannot?


All our work is guaranteed, we only use the highest quality materials to achieve our high grade installs. We aim to offer as close to factory finish as possible with our window tints, that goes right through our window tint range, from our automotive tints to our commercial and residential window tints. We strive to offer the best finish possible wth no bubbles, trapped dust, dirt or other contaminants.


A great thing about Manchester Tints is that the services we offer are massively scaleable, day to day we have a small group of fitters but if required we can more than double our number of installers thanks to our great contacts in the window tinting trade. So we can undertake window tint installs on a massive scale, from single office windows to an entire office block. Small jobs and large jobs do not faze us and are easily arranged.


All the stuff we do neat.

As with all of the companies that come under the Plethora77 umbrella we are available for communications over all the major social networks and we often post images of recently completed projects and new product launches.

How we help you grow your business

The simplest way our window tinting services is going to grow your business is in money savings. If you are a small business then a saving on heating or air conditioning cost is likely to free up extra money to invest in your business. For larger companies, with bigger premises the savings on heating and air conditioning bills can be huge.

The benefits to your staff’s comfort and productiveness is also a great way that window tints can help boost your business. Keeping the office spaces well insulated will keep the areas more comfortable to work in, keeping your employees happier. For our solar window tints the reduction in glare and strong sunlight will stop eye strain and other eye discomfort for your staff, again making them happier and potentially more productive.

If you have a shop then our security window tinting services can help to keep your property secure should a thief try to smash your windows and rob your shop. Our safety glass can help to stop impacts from bricks and other small heavy objects. We even offer a bomb proof window film if your shop is located in a city centre and terrorism is a potential risk.

Another great security feature Manchester Tints can offers is our privacy window tints, the majority of our window tint films have a reflective finish that creates a one way view through the window, so potential thieves cannot see into your property, whilst you can still see out. 


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Car window tinting offers a subtle upgrade to the aesthetic of your car, it also protects the interior and occupants against UV rays. 

Painted and film options available to darken you cars headlights.

We can also tint the tail lights of your car using our paint or tint film options.

Add privacy and reduce glare in your office.

Reduce heat transference, UV rays and sunlight glare in your factory environment.

Add privacy and UV protection to your conservatory, patio doors, skylights and french doors.

Reduced UV, eliminate glare and reduce heat in your conservatory.

Protect your furniture and decor from UV rays.

Eliminate glare ad UV rays in your home.

Reduce heat transference in your home.

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