A Company of Abundance.


About Us

Who are we?


Well we are Plethora77, a company set up to bring together a host of other companies and websites from all different genres to create a streamlined business that can offer a huge array of products and services to its potential customers via utilising a range of industry sources and suppliers.

As an entity Plethora77 was set up in 2015 however many of its incorporated businesses have been trading much longer. In 2010 was set up to offer a one stop shop for all your vehicle wrapping and car modification needs, shortly after in 2012 Vans A La Mode was established to take the knowledge, techniques and practices we had learned over to the commercial vehicle sector.

PrintDsign allows us to accommodate printing services and production techniques to offer a complete service to our clients. Melding together printing, artwork design and signage solutions to create complete advertising packages for businesses.

Manchester Tints allows us to tap into a small sector of car window tinting, but utilising the materials and installation techniques we can offer our window tinting services across the North West to not only cars but also homes, offices and commercial buildings.

Our events companies Generation-Events and Pomp & Ceremony have only recently been brought into the Plethora77 group but both offer the same ethos as our other ventures. Generation-Events offers party planning and event management for the masses, no matter what age or requirements, they cater for all generations of the family. Where as Pomp & Ceremony offers a celebrity status style event management service. So we have all bases covered.

As you can see the interconnections between each company in the Plethora77 group allows us to offer a enormous range of products and services, allowing us to reach our goal of being able to provide something to everyone. At some stage everybody will need one of our products or services, and when they call we will do our best to assist them.

Why us?

What can we offer that other cannot?


Plethora means abundance and that is what makes Plethora77 different from many other companies. We aim to offer the most complete service possible by bringing together different sectors of business and utilising the interconnections between each company within our group to accommodate almost any project. 



Need to organise an 18th birthday party? Well Generation-Events can arrange that (venue, DJ, catering, etc), and PrintDsign can assist with the designing and printing of invitations and banners. 

Looking to really spoil them? Why not call and get them to vinyl wrap their new car (present) for a grand unveiling at the event? Or if you want a smaller gift, just allow Manchester Tints to tint the windows on the car instead.

This is what Plethora77 is all about, getting the maximum out of our group of companies. Meaning less hassle for the client and always competitive prices.




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Our Clients

They used us, they loved us.

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We help you grow your business (How?).

It’s quite simple, by using our abundance of linked companies we can offer a complete package to each customer. So if you have a company and want to get more attention and custom, then Plethora77 can utilise the different products and services available from various companies within the group to go above and beyond. 

For example a company can come to Vans A La Mode to request a quote for adding internal van racking to their van (or fleet of vans). this racking would save them time on each job as it would organise their vehicle better, but while the racking is being installed, could be wrapping the exterior of the van in a bespoke design that was created by PrintDsign. The artwork created for the van(s) could then be utilised by PrintDsign to create printed flyers or business cards to leave behind with new client.

So by just using a few of the companies within the Plethora77 group this example client has:

  • Saved money by helping to organise the company van and save time on each job
  • Gained more business by new customers seeing the advertising of the company on its new van wrap
  • Gained even more business and improved brand recall by being able to leave behind printed stationery with current or potential new customers.

Key Products & Services

The specialist products and services offered by Plethora77 are its group companies, by accumulating a broad selection of companies that specialise in different business sections the key products list for Plethora77 extends into the hundreds:


This list is almost endless and as an organisation Plethora77 is still growing, bringing in new companies to our group and expanding throughout the UK from our base in Manchester.


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